FTDI bundles FT90x MikroE compilers with free hardware

June 05, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
FTDI Chip is offering a free FT900 MikroE Clicker 2 board and free worldwide shipping with any direct FT90x MikroE Compiler purchase; the company says it is aiming to assist engineers to implement better embedded systems using its microcontroller technology.

Working in conjunction with MikroElektronika (MikroE), the company is now marketing a cost effective development package based on the FT90x MCU series, and is providing customers with a free MikroE Clicker 2 board worth $39.95 with every FT90x Compiler license purchase.

The FT90x offering created through the partnership with MikroE showcases the capabilities of FT90X devices, each of which features a 32-bit proprietary processing core and substantial memory resources (256 kBytes of Flash memory, 64 kBytes of on-chip data memory and 256 kBytes of shadow RAM). Thanks to the shadow RAM, instructions can be executed with the highest degree of efficiency. This results in zero wait state operation at speeds of 100 MHz - a performance benchmark that puts it far ahead of many rival microcontroller products.

The FTDI Chip/MikroElektronika package consists of a compelling amalgamation of essential items of hardware and software - with a Clicker 2 for the FT90X board supplied alongside a powerful dedicated compiler.

The Clicker 2 board incorporates an FT90X microcontroller plus the supplementary component parts needed for starting off development projects (including power management/battery charging functionality, LED indicators, crystal oscillators, configurable pushbuttons, etc.). In addition, the credit card format board offers straightforward interfacing to a multitude of add-on boards via male/female IDC10 interconnects. There are currently 118 add-on boards available, which are capable of offering a total of nearly 7000 possible different combinations. Through these all manner of different functionality can be integrated into the system design - including wireless communication, motor control, cameras, displays and various sensors.

There is an array of full featured compilers to choose from - covering C, Pascal and Basic programming languages. Each provides a full integrated development environment (IDE) with added library support for all FT90X features plus syntax colour-coded editor and project manager windows. To encourage adoption the FT90X development package is being offered exclusively with free shipping. For a Clicker 2 board with mikroC it is