Fully-integrated, programmable DC regulators in under-3-mm profile

January 14, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Exar's XRP9710 and XRP9711 are multi-output, synchronous step-down, programmable power modules that claim highest power density and lowest profile at 2.75mm with 5V-22V inputs. Both devices provide two fully integrated regulators with MOSFETs, inductors, and internal input and output capacitors in a 12 x 12 x 2.75 mm package that support loads up to 6A each.

The XRP9711 also offers two controller outputs that are each capable of driving loads up to 30A, making it the first module to offer two fully integrated channels and two controller outputs. The XRP9710 and XRP9711 are complete system power solutions that enable telemetry, reconfiguration and fast time to market in a small footprint without sacrificing performance.

The XRP9710 and XRP9711 are in Exar’s PowerXR programmable power management family that uses digital power techniques supported by design tools. These power modules offer full control via a SMBus-compliant I 2C interface allowing for advanced local- and remote-reconfiguration, full performance monitoring and reporting, as well as fault handling. Their output voltages can be programmed from 0.6V up to 5.5V without requiring any external components. The XRP9710 and XRP9711 come with the PowerArchitect 5.1 design tool.

“Exar’s modules have nearly halved the size of the existing 6A modules on the market converting from 12V,” said James Lougheed, Exar’s vice president, power management products. “With a height of 2.75mm, system engineers now have the option of mounting these modules on the back side of boards, including telecommunication line cards and PCIe cards, or in other space-constrained designs. The XRP9711 also combines a high density dual power module with a programmable dual controller capable of outputs up to 30Amps in systems requiring more voltage rails and higher currents such as those found in today’s FPGAs and SOCs.”

Exar's PowerArchitect development tools enable designers to configure the power supply's voltage setting and current thresholds, fault monitoring and response, soft start and active shutdown timing, channel sequencing, phase shift management and loop response amongst other features. Dynamic control and full system monitoring enable system architects and power designers alike to develop custom, proprietary system power designs that add value to their end applications.

XRP9710 and XRP9711 are priced from $17.00 and $19.50 respectively (1000).

Exar; www.exar.com