GaN, 650V half-bridge switch integrates drivers for 25-60W adaptors

August 30, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
In a departure for the company, Dialog Semiconductor has produced its first gallium nitride power switches, that it is fabricating at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMCs), on the foundry’s 650 Volt GaN-on-Silicon process technology.

The first sector targeted with the technology is that of fast-charging power adaptors – you can cut the size of a typical 25-60W adaptor in half, through reduced losses (heat dissipation), the company asserts. The SmartGan DA8801 is monolithic IC that integrates GaN power FETS together with analogue drivers and logic, with level-shifting and protection, in an optimized, highly efficient 650V half-bridge design.

The DA8801, together with Dialog’s own digital Rapid Charge power conversion controllers, will enable more efficient, smaller, and higher power density adapters compared to traditional silicon field-effect transistor (FET) based designs, Dialog says; the company claims to already have more than 70% market share in the fast charging smartphone and computing adapter segment with its power conversion controllers.


The company’s Mark Tyndall, SVP Corporate Development and Strategy, comments, “Following our success in BCD-based power management ICs (PMICs), as an early GaN innovator Dialog once again leads the commercialization of a new power technology into high-volume consumer applications.”


Dialog’s DA8801 half-bridge integrates building blocks, such as gate drives and level shifting circuits, with 650V power switches, specified as 500 mOhm, to reduce power losses by up to 50% with up to 94% efficiency. The product allows for a seamless implementation of GaN, avoiding complex circuitry, needed to drive discrete GaN power switches. Switching frequencies are not specified in initial information, although a generic chart indicates efficiency maintained at up to 1 MHz. The devices offers logic level, high impedance inputs and the integration reduces parasititcs; it offers low values across a range of switching metrics - QG, QGD, QOSS, QRR; and is packaged in a thermally enhanced 5x5mm QFN package.


“As Dialog’s strategic foundry partner for power management ICs for many years, we are delighted to have expanded our relationship to collaborate closely in bringing our GaN process to the mainstream consumer market for high volume applications,” said Maria Marced, President of TSMC Europe. “Dialog’s