GaN MMIC amplifier and GaN power transistor pack more power

June 18, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
TriQuint Semiconductor is announcing three gallium nitride (GaN) MMIC RF power amplifiers that combine high gain and broad bandwidths for commercial and defense applications. The company is also announcing a high-power GaN RF transistor that combines high gain and efficiency, allowing designers to simplify amplifier circuits by reducing the number of driver stages by up to 50%.

The latest family of 25-VDC GaN MMIC power amplifiers are ideal for use in Mini-Common Data Links (Mini-CDLs) as well as similar defense and general communications applications. They are housed in flange mount packages and combine high RF power output and efficiency with excellent thermal management characteristics.

The TGA2593-GSG operates from 13-15 GHz and delivers saturated (Psat) RF power output of 20 W; efficiency is 25% and it provides 19 dB of gain for VSAT and similar applications. The TGA2572-FL operates from 14 -16 GHz with 16 W Psat RF output power; efficiency is greater than 25%, large signal gain is 18 dB, and small signal gain is 23 dB. The TGA2579-FL operates from 14-15.5 GHz; it delivers 20 W of Psat RF power with 30% efficiency, 23 dB of large signal gain and 28 dB of small signal gain. All three devices operate from a 25 V supply.

The T1G6003028-FS 28-V GaN RF power transistor is an ideal choice as a driver or final stage amplifier in defense and civilian radar, professional and military radio communications systems, test equipment, jammers and general-purpose wideband or narrowband amplifiers. It is offered in an earless ceramic package and delivers more than 30 W RF output power from DC to 6 GHz with drain efficiency of 50% and gain of 11.5 dB, 3 dB higher than its nearest competitor. Power, gain and efficiency of the T1G6003028-FS can be optimized with simple external matching networks.

All four devices are constructed using TriQuint’s proven 0.25-µm GaN on SiC production process.