GaN RF power transistors, 10-200W

December 15, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Ampleon (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) has added to its GaN RFGaN RF power transistors built in a 0.5 µm HEMT process technology. Rated 10W, 30W, 50W and 100W, over ten transistors are available suitable for multiple applications such as drivers up to C band, through to 100W and 200W push-pull packages for use in final stages up to S band.

Housed in a ceramic package, the CLF1G family of devices are aimed at applications that need to meet specific requirements of SWaP (size, weight and power).

Ampleon – a spin-off from NXP Semiconductors in 2015 – comments, “We are investing heavily in both LDMOS and GaN technology, as we see GaN gaining momentum beyond the A&D [aerospace and defence] market, into areas such as cellular infrastructure.” These GaN devices are available with electrical models, reference designs and demonstration boards. Typical applications include use in commercial aviation and radar applications, aerospace and defence systems, and broadband solutions.

Devices available include the CLF1G0035S-50, a broadband 50W amplifier capable of operation from DC through to 3.5 GHz that is designed for operation up to 50V and having excellent VSWR (ruggedness) capabilities of 10:1. 100W devices have just been released, and Ampleon are currently sampling other types for mass production during early 2016. As a European supplier, Ampleon can operate as an ‘ITAR-free’ supplier.