Gesture recognition chip employed to control lighting

June 05, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Elmos has developed an integrated circuit that brings gesture control to lighting. The E527.16 identifies simple gestures such as approximation and sweeping movements at distances of up to 25 cm. This enables designers to implement non-contact functions including on/off, Search Light Mode, dimming and others in a simple manner.

The E527.16 makes use of the HALIOS principle. HALIOS systems are unsusceptible to the impact of extreme lighting, changing lighting conditions, or temperature variations. Mechanical components are not required.

The chipmaker also provides a reference design that demonstrates the options and potential of intuitive gesture recognition in electronic controls. It can serve as ready-to-use reference for individual customer applications, facilitating the entry into gesture-based human-machine interface applications.

According to Elmos, the system is based on customer feedback on the company's earlier product which was designed for automotive applications. This feedback helped the designers to significantly improve the chip.

The solution comprises the E527.16 chip, a reference layout, schematics and recommendations as to the components to be used.