Gigabit Ethernet connector for reliable factory automation networks

November 27, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
A heavy duty Gigabit Ethernet connector by Multi-Contact targets the growing use of Ethernet communication systems on the factory floor. Designed for automated docking systems in harsh industrial environments, the GigaDock 1 can withstand up to one million mating cycles.

Once fitted to a docking plate, the pre-wired Cat6a connectors are ready for use with M12 eight pole X-coded patch cables. Available with straight or space-saving 90-degree angled cable outlets, they are fully insulated and have 360 degree shielding, making them suitable for bus systems.

Typical industrial applications include automatic tool changing for robot arms, equipment for transmission or engine test benches, and automatic docking of vision systems using the GigE interface standard for high performance industrial cameras.

The connectors achieve their long term reliability due to the use of MULTILAM technology, a proprietary contact system that uses multiple torsion spring contact elements that allow electrical contact to be made via a large number of contact points. This arrangement substantially reduces contact resistance and ensures strong resistance to shock and vibration.