Google’s Brillo OS for IoT runs on ‘coming-soon’ MIPS platform

October 29, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
IP provider Imagination Technologies has disclosed that the MIPS CPU architecture is one of the CPU architectures supported by Google’s Brillo operating system (OS) designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Brillo, a free, open embedded OS based on Android, is designed to connect IoT devices in a seamless and intuitive way. MIPS is one of the three CPU architectures officially supported in Android; Brillo follows this lead. Imagination positions MIPS CPUs as ideal for IoT applications, with, “extremely efficient, clean design and multi-domain OmniShield technology.”,

As part of the Brillo program, the forthcoming Creator Ci41 board from Imagination has been selected by Google as a starter platform for Brillo developers. The Ci41 is a variant of the soon-to-be-released Creator Ci40 board, optimised for Brillo support. Starter boards such as the Ci41 will include the reference implementation of Brillo.

Imagination has disclosed only that the next Creator board will host a, “...brand new chip ... based on an IoT IP subsystem that has been engineered from the ground-up for the Internet of Things market.” More at this blog entry;

Jim Nicholas, vice president of MIPS business operations, Imagination, comments, “This development is yet another step in the ongoing momentum of the MIPS architecture. We work closely with partners such as Google to ensure that MIPS-based devices support all of the latest industry standard operating systems. As we enter the IoT era, operating systems like Brillo, which is designed for devices with smaller computing and memory footprints, will be key.”

The MIPS-CPU-based Creator range of development boards is designed to fulfil the growing interest within a broad spectrum of academic, professional and hobbyist developer communities for affordable, fully featured development platforms. Imagination’s Creator development board family enables open source developers, the maker community, system integrators and others to create a wide range of applications and projects, ranging from home automation and gaming to wireless multimedia streaming.

Imagination Technologies;