Green Hills Software support expanded for Imagination’s MIPS CPU IP cores

February 05, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Imagination Technologies and Green Hills Software have signed an agreement that brings expanded Green Hills compiler and tools support to a broad range of Imagination’s current and future MIPS CPU cores and architectures.

Green Hills Software’s embedded development solutions will be introduced for MIPS Aptiv cores, as well as the new MIPS Warrior family of cores, which includes the entry-level M-class cores, mid-range I-class cores, and high-performance P-class cores. Green Hills Software is also upgrading capability to deliver fully-optimised support for the microMIPS code compression instruction set architecture (ISA) and the latest MIPS r5 architecture, including key features such as hardware virtualisation.

According to Mike Haden, general manager, Advanced Products, Green Hills Software: “Green Hills has a long history of support for MIPS, and we are continuing that tradition through this comprehensive new agreement. Under Imagination, we are seeing growing demand for MIPS.”

Imagination Technologies acquired MIPS in February 2013; it promotes the IP for products where ultra low-power, compact silicon area and a high level of integration are required. MIPS processor IP cores and architectures range from 32-bit microcontrollers (for example, the Microchip Pic32 , which uses the MIPS microAptiv core) to 32-bit and 64-bit multi-core solutions for advanced application and network processing platforms. Imagination took over a product line that dates back more than three decades: it pitches the MIPS architecture as, “..the industry’s most efficient RISC architecture, delivering the best performance and lowest power consumption in a given silicon area.”

MIPS CPU support from Green Hills Software includes its C/C++ compiler, assembler and linker, binary toolchain, MULTI integrated development environment (IDE), Green Hills Probe, SuperTrace Probe and documentation.

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