Greenpeak adds cloud support by People Power for smart home systems

April 04, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
People Power is working with GreenPeak to offer a ultra-low power, wireless communications network for its new Smart Home solutions: Presence Security, Presence Pro Energy and Presence Pro Care.

GreenPeak Technologies, the low power RF semiconductor company, has announced that People Power, a software company offering cloud and mobile services, has launched Presence Security which is built on GreenPeak technology. The two companies are targeting future proof, high quality Smart Home solutions for senior lifestyle, energy efficiency and home security. People Power aims to fulfil its mission to build reliable, open and low cost residential networks that allow service providers to create new revenue streams by marketing new Smart Home services.


GreenPeak offers a wide range of IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee ultra-low power silicon products for use in Smart Home applications allowing partners to build wireless and maintenance free solutions that can run on batteries for over a decade. People Power selected GreenPeak’s radio chips for features including better range, robustness to WiFi interference, high reliability and low cost. Also, the newest GreenPeak chips enable the combination of different network and profile layers running in parallel.


People Power offers three modular and interoperable Smart Home solutions. Presence Security is a home monitoring service with wireless sensors that notify residents when something happens at home when they are away. Presence Pro Energy shows historical energy usage levels, compares it to current use, and makes it possible to control energy directly on a mobile device. Available mid-2016, Presence Pro Care helps caregivers take care of ageing and sick family members, by monitoring daily living patterns and sending alerts when unexpected events happen. One of the unique features is that spare iOS and Android devices can be easily integrated into the system as free internet monitoring cameras with video alerts.


“As a wireless expert who has architected some of the world’s lowest power wireless sensor networks, I understand the challenges of reliably connecting sensors in real world deployments,” said David Moss, President and CTO of People Power Company. “We work with GreenPeak’s technology because they have proven to be