GreenPeak bundle aims to step up the ‘smart’ in smart-home

December 23, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Founder and CEO of the low power RF semiconductor company for Smart Home and IoT connectivity GreenPeak – Cees Links – has for some time been a vocal proponent of the position that our efforts to add connectivity and make our houses “smart” have been severely lacking in the “smart” dimension.

Accordingly, GreenPeak is presenting its Family@Home Solution to “transform the Smart House into a Smart Home... the first application that combines the best of Family Lifestyle monitoring with Smart Home services that provides peace of mind for busy families.”

The Family@Home system, the company says, is currently being tested by [some of] the world’s largest service providers, and combines cloud intelligence, wireless connectivity and battery-powered sensors to keep an eye on a home – most peoples’ most valuable asset – and on family, providing peace of mind, comfort and security.

GreenPeak cites as examples of the sort of questions that users need answered; Are your children home from school at the expected time? Did you leave the back door open when you went to work? Is the family pet safely inside the house? Did you leave the air conditioner on with the window open? Is the bath overflowing or is the washing machine leaking? Did you miss the weather forecast, and leave your windows open? These are the kinds of questions that the GreenPeak Family@Home lifestyle application pro-actively addresses.

The Family@Home application is based on a self-learning algorithm with behaviour pattern recognition. No rule-based programming is required and exceptions are automatically reported. Family@Home provides intelligent status updates in a dashboard app and generates alerts when something unexpected happens at home or with family members.

This new smart service combines sensors for monitoring family activities with a variety of automated home applications such as temperature and climate control, home monitoring, lighting systems, appliance control, intruder detection, etc. One system does it all. Users no longer need to switch from one app to another – everything is combined and accessible via a smart phone or tablet. In addition, this new solution can incorporate sensing and geolocation technology from key fobs, door contacts, smart phones and occupancy sensors, to provide a larger understanding of where family members are, what they are doing and