Guerrilla RF claims leading noise figure/performanceoffer for LNAs

January 26, 2015 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Guerrilla RF Inc., has introduced an ultra-low noise amplifier (Ultra-LNA) family with low noise figure (NF) and the high levels of performance.

These high linearity devices support a number of wireless infrastructure requirements including high performance small cell LNAs, macro base station LNAs, distributed antenna systems (DAS) and general purpose LNA applications requiring the absolute lowest possible NF.

The GRF2051 (optimised for 1700 – 2700 MHz frequencies) and GRF2052 (optimised for 2300 – 3800 MHz, tuneable to 6 GHz) Ultra-LNAs provide leading NF and gain performance with simple external matching, adjustable current and flexible Vdd. Configured as a first-stage LNA, linear driver or a cascaded gain block, these 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.55 mm devices offer high levels of reuse — within a design and across platforms.

The company says the devices help obtain maximum receiver sensitivity and improve receiver dynamic range with minimal external components, which ultimately yields a simple and low-cost application circuit that allows for optimal efficiency and re-use.