GUI code-generation for ST’s STM32F7 MCU, from Altia

July 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Graphical user interface development software specialist Altia has introduced code generation support for the STMicroelectronics STM32F7 Microcontroller. The STM32F7 addresses a broad range of applications and ST has presented it as the first MCU available with an ARM Cortex-M7 core.

This Cortex-M core is aimed at advanced consumer, industrial, medical, and Internet-of-Things devices. Altia has built a demonstration of a washing machine interface, on a demo board using the Cortex-M7 to drive a 480x272 pixel display. The Altia code is using only 113.5 kB of internal flash – including the space for fonts. An additional 1,215 kB of raster images are stored off on removable media. This demo runs on bare metal, without the need of any operating system and was built using the IAR Workbench toolset.

With Altia Design, the GUI editor and centrepiece of Altia's tool chain, users create custom graphics from scratch or use assets from tools like Adobe Photoshop to draw their GUIs, create animation, define behaviour and optimise user experience. Once complete, Altia DeepScreen generates pure C source code for the Altia design model that can be deployed onto the STM32F7 plus a great variety of low- to high-powered processors from silicon providers including STMicroelectronics, Renesas, Freescale, Spansion, Texas Instruments and others.

Altia’s GUI demo can run on an STM32F7 Discovery Kit (priced at under $50).