Hall-effect current sensors span 100 to 800A

August 18, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
A range of Hall-effect current sensors covering 100A to 800A, the HCSE (Hall-effect current sensors Eco) family comprises four models based on the open-loop measurement principle, which provides a direct representation of the primary current with an accuracy of up to ±1%.

HCSE sensors can measure direct or alternating currents, including signals with complex waveforms, over a frequency range from 0 to 50 kHz. Because the devices use Hall-effect technology to sense the magnetic field created by the current flowing in a conductor, they provide non-contact, galvanically isolated measurements with high immunity to interference from the magnetic fields of external current-carrying conductors.

The temperature range of -25° to +85°C allows use in thermally critical applications. The sensors come in standard sizes and their compact, unified shape across the whole product range offers a high degree of freedom for integration into individual applications.

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