Hand-held wire crimp pull-force tester

October 09, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Molex's hand-held wire crimp pull-force tester is a manual, hand-operated digital pull unit that delivers accurate pull-force readings required to verify crimp quality.

Suitable for contract manufacturers and harness houses, the tester measures accurate pull strengths on a wide range of crimped terminals and wires, providing consistent verification of crimp pull force and reducing potential quality issues.

The instrument comes standard with both a wheel-type clamp featuring multiple slot sizes for wire diameters up to 6.35mm and a clamp-style holder for open-barrel products. The manual hand-cycle lever automatically grips the wire, providing an accurate measurement of the crimp pull strength on a wide range of wire sizes and terminals including crimped, soldered or solderless. It comes with multiple power plugs and a digital output that displays measurement settings in pound force (lbf), kilogram force (kgf) and Newton (N), making the hand-held wire crimp pull-force tester suitable for global use. It is shipped with AC rechargeable adapters for 120 and 230V AC power supplies and a calibration certificate (NIST).

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