Hard drives are constructed and rated for automotive use

September 30, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
The 320GB HGST Endurastar J4K320 hard drive family is designed for extreme driving conditions – heat, cold, altitude highs and lows, and bumps in the road – helping system integrators and manufacturers in in-car designs.

HGST (formerly Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and now a Western Digital company) has the Endurastar J4K320 family, a single-platter hard disc drive (HDD) specifically designed for the automotive infotainment and telematics markets. As HGST’s sixth generation automotive HDD, the Endurastar J4K320 family is based on proven technology, provides the industry’s highest automotive HDD capacity at 320 GB (220% more capacity than its predecessor) and is built to operate in extreme and varying temperatures and altitudes.

The requirements for automotive-class hard drives are quite different from hard drives designed for personal computers or other stationary consumer electronic devices. These drives must go through a stringent qualification process as in-car manufacture installations or after-market solutions can face the most extreme conditions – from high altitudes in the Alps to searing heat in the Sahara Desert. The Endurastar J4K320 operates at altitudes of up to 5500 metres (18,000 feet), supports an operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C, and has improved operating shock tolerance of 300G (2 msec) and a non-operating shock of 800G for extra reliability and data protection when driving on damaged or unpaved roads.

Early in 2006, HGST was granted a patent for its Thermal Fly-height Control (TFC) feature, which can compensate the head/media distance variations caused by altitude and temperature changes. In order to provide its customers with the quality level expected in the automotive segment, HGST has designed and tested the Endurastar J4K320 HDD beyond most industry specifications. The Endurastar J4K320 is HGST’s second-generation automotive HDD to apply TFC.

The Endurastar J4K320 family comes in 320 GB, 250 GB, 200 GB, 100 GB and 80 GB capacities, operates at 4260 RPM and features a SATA interface for easy design configuration flexibility. The drive family is based on a standard 9.5-mm 2.5-inch form factor for simple integration into many new and traditional system designs.

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