Hardware/software dev kit to add NFC to MCU systems

September 22, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
The AS3911 NFC development kit includes an NCI standard-based interface to Android, Linux and Windows operating systems, providing a blueprint for an NFC implementation in any microcontroller-based system.

NFC can provide a simple, secure, wireless NFC interface between a microcontroller and the outside world. The AS3911 NFC development kit from ams eliminates the need for the OEM designer to implement a complete, proprietary software interface between a host microcontroller, its operating system and the NFC reader IC.

The software in the AS3911 development kit includes an NFC Controller Interface (NCI) stack, a standard-based modular firmware/software solution, operating from the hardware level up to the operating system. Developed in collaboration with Stollmann E+V GmbH, it manages the interaction between a microcontroller and any NFC/HF reader in the AS391x family.

Fully compatible with the Android, Linux, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems, the AS3911 development kit lets developers create NFC applications for multiple MCUs. The standard interface is suitable for any kind of NFC-enabled device, including routers, set-top boxes, automotive infotainment systems, consumer electronics devices and home appliances.

Because the NCI stack has a modular design, users can optimise it for their system, selecting only the features and functions required by their application, for a minimal MCU processing overhead and memory usage, or for high performance and multi-protocol support.

The NCI software stack is compatible with various physical interfaces including UART, SPI and I²C.

The development kit is available from ams at; www.ams.com – more at www.ams.com/NFC-HF-Reader/AS3911