Harmonic filters optimize the signal quality and accuracy of the SMB100A microwave signal generator

November 07, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Rohde & Schwarz now offers harmonic filter options for its SMB100A microwave signal generator. These filters make it possible to achieve a harmonic suppression of more than –50 dBc over a wide frequency range from 150 MHz to a maximum of 40 GHz. At low frequencies below 3 GHz, it is even possible to achieve an excellent –58 dBc.

The harmonic filters efficiently improve the signal quality of the signal generator and consequently the measurement accuracy. In measurements with wideband receivers, the filters prevent the harmonics of the wanted signal from entering the receive band and affecting the measurement. In the case of total harmonic distortion measurements on amplifiers, the filters ensure that only the harmonics of the device under test are measured and not those of the signal generator. In addition, the dynamic range for scalar network analysis is improved considerably thanks to low harmonics at the generator end.

The SMB-B25 harmonic filter option for the 20 GHz model and the SMB-B26 option for the 40 GHz model are now available.