Helmet-mounted Bluetooth communication and entertainment system for cyclists

March 21, 2012 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Cardo Systems, Inc., has launched the cardo BK-1, an innovative communication and entertainment product designed especially for cyclists. The BK-1 incorporates the engineering expertise and user experience the company has gained as maker of the world-renowned scala rider® line of motorcycle headsets. The

BK-1 delivers voice-activated, two-way, or three-way bike-to-bike communication capabilities that allow cyclists to easily converse with fellow BK-1 users who are up to 1,600 feet apart. With cardo BK-1, cyclists can also enjoy safe, hands-free use of Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, MP3 players, or GPS devices.

With a sleek, lightweight design that installs in virtually any bicycle helmet in minutes, the cardo BK-1 offers a safe, convenient, and fun way to converse with one or two fellow cyclists at great distances in full conference mode. Using a noise-cancelling microphone and hovering speakers that avoid ear contact, the BK-1 is all about maximizing comfort and delivering a full range of communication options for cyclists.

Riders can use the system to enjoy Bluetooth-enabled entertainment or navigation devices on the go – making, receiving, or declining mobile phone calls via voice command or at the touch of a button. The system connects wirelessly to Bluetooth-equipped MP3 or smartphone players and to GPS devices. This enables cyclists to listen to their favorite playlists, receive in-ear GPS navigation instructions, conduct bike-to-bike intercom communications, or make mobile calls while cycling.

Despite its high-end features and functions, the cardo BK-1 is easy to install and operate. It is designed for road cyclists, triathletes, mountain bikers, commuters, and casual riders alike. For cycling enthusiasts, it brings the benefits of communicating without the need to ride side by side. Additionally, staying in touch removes the uncertainties presented by turns taken by forward riders at intersections, Ts, and Ys in the road.

The cardo BK-1 provides up to seven hours of talk time on a rechargeable battery that requires only four hours to fully charge. It comes with a multi-functional USB jack to accommodate operating software upgrades, as well as a universal travel charger.