Hi-bright LED driver uses 8-leaded, heat slug package

March 13, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
Supertex has released an additional package option for the HV9910C. The Universal High Brightness LED Driver is now available in a lead-free/RoHS compliant 8-lead SOIC with heat slug package in addition to the 8L and 16L SOIC packages.

The HV9910C is designed to convert high voltage supplies (85 V – 265 VAC rectified) or (15 V – 450 VDC) to a constant current source for powering a string or a combination of strings of high brightness LEDs.

The device can be programmed to operate in either a constant frequency or constant off-time mode and includes a 15 – 450V linear regulator which allows it to work from a wide range of input voltages without the need for an external low voltage supply.  The additional package option (8L SOIC with Heat Slug) allows for improved thermal properties.

Supertex; www.supertex.com/pdf/datasheets/HV9910C.pdf