High-accuracy, flexible and programmable PSUs & software for R&D

May 06, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Agilent Technologies has added 1- and 2-kW Advanced Power Solutions for R&D; engineers can set up complex power scenarios without writing code.

An enhancement to the Agilent 14585A control and analysis software for advanced power supplies, adds support for the N7900 Advanced Power System (APS) dynamic DC power supplies. The N7900 Series power supplies with VersaPower architecture offer fast operation, advanced measurements, and integrated features to reduce development time and support costs. These 1- and 2-kW models, expandable to 10 kW, were designed for applications where high-speed dynamic sourcing and measurement is needed.

The Agilent 14585A software gives R&D engineers access to the power supplies’ advanced functionality without having to write a single line of code; users can now perform complex tasks, such as waveform creation or long-term data logging, in a matter of minutes, with just a few clicks.

The functionality of the 14585A software includes:

- Enhanced control and analysis of data, using familiar PC controls and large display.

- Simultaneous control of up to four APS N7900 Series power supplies.

- Four modes of operation: scope (short-term waveform capture), data logger (long-term waveform capture), CCDF statistical analysis, and ARB (waveform creation).

- Graphical user software—no programming required.

- Accurate capture of current drain measurements from seconds to days directly to a PC.

- Advanced marker measurements (Min, Avg, Max, RMS, Peak-to-Peak, Charge/ Energy).

- Ability to easily create complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in or imported waveform data.

- Data log measurements directly to a PC.

- Export of data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or text file.

- Ability to capture a waveform, then “play” it back, using scope or data logger to capture, then use the power supply’s source/sink function to reproduce it.

- Application of mathematical functions to captured waveforms.

- Ability to name and choose colours for waveform traces for easy identification.

APS N7900 Series include:

- Full two-quadrant operation for power storage test applications.

- Dual voltage and current measurement capability with DMM-like accuracy.