High brightness TFTs for outdoor use in bright ambient light

June 24, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Three TFT displays designed for use in outdoor environments - the 7.0-inch TX18D203VM2BAA, 8.0-inch TX20D200VM2BAB and the 10.4-inch TX26D200VM2BAB – feature high brightness, white LED backlights and have a brightness rating of 1500cd/m².

TFT LCDs can be unsuitable for use in bright or outdoor environments due to insufficient backlight brightness. KOE's high brightness LCD display modules' 1500cd/m² LED backlights ensure a high quality display image is maintained even under direct sunlight. The new display modules also feature an anti-glare (AG) polariser coating. The panels have a brightness rating of 1500nits which ensures that a high quality display image readability is maintained under all conditions.

The 7.0-inch and 8.0-inch displays feature WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution and a wide 15:9 aspect ratio. The 10.4-inch display has SVGA (800 x 600 pixels) resolution and a 4:3 aspect ratio. The 10.4-inch TX26D200VM2BAB has a contrast ratio of 800:1 and a brightness rating of 1500cd/m². The white LED backlight has a 70k hour lifetime to half brightness. A 20-pin LVDS data interface supports 8-bit RGB.

The 7.0-inch TX20D203VM2BAA has a contrast ratio of 600:1 and a brightness rating of 1500cd/m²; its LED backlight has an estimated lifetime of 40k hours to 50% brightness. A 40-pin CMOS data interface supports 6-bit RGB. All three TFT display modules support an operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C ensuring guaranteed operation in extreme temperature environments. Target applications include public information systems, ticketing equipment, marine navigation systems, in-vehicle interfaces, consumer information systems, point-of-sale displays and industrial instrumentation.

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