High capacity, self-ventilating heat exchanger cools avionics

April 29, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Ametek Rotron has introduced a thermal management product that cools sealed airborne or ground-based electronic and optical compartments without introducing contaminated external air. The Discus self-ventilating heat exchanger offers greater cooling capability and reduced weight compared with previous technologies.

Applications include military and commercial optical and electronics cooling; airborne and ground-based; security; and law enforcement systems. The unit has been designed specifically for pod-mounted airborne optical systems; the Discus can also be used to cool other aircraft, helicopter, drone and ground-based electronics requiring air segregation.

The product has two separate airflow channels with active induced air circulation via an integrated set of motorised impellers. This keeps compartment air separate from the external cooling air. Heat transfer occurs by convection from the circulating air and then by conduction through a common bulkhead connecting the two sets of integrated aluminium pin fins.

A single brushless DC motor turns two impellers on a common shaft, each circulating air past the exposed pin fin exchanger surface. The mounting bracket, common bulkhead and both sets of pin fins are all incorporated into a single homogeneous aluminium structure for maximum heat conduction, robustness and precise product dimensions.

The Discus system meets or exceeds the requirements of applicable US military and

commercial aerospace specifications.

AMETEK Rotron; www.rotron.com