High-CRI LED lamps for retail and hospitality industry

October 23, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
With a new series of LED lamps, Verbatim addresses the specific demand oft he retail and hospitality industries. The lamps feature a high color rendering index (CRI) of 95 or better for natural color reproduction.

The PAR16 GU10 lamps offer a warm-white color temperature of 2700K. With an electric power of 6W and 8.5W, they replace halogen bulbs with 35W and 50W. These lamps are ideal for use in gastronomy and hotels as well as in museums and conference halls. The PAR30 E27 lamp with short socket and 14.5W is aiming to directly replace 75W halogen lamps typically used in retail shops for showcases, sales rooms, and other show areas. It delivers a neutral white color of 4000K and a luminous flux of 680 lumens along with an even, color-consistent light distribution.

"The introduction of these new LED lamps with high CRI translates into better choice for our professional customers who wish a more natural and more precise visual representation of the colors", explained Jeanine Chrobak-Kando, business development manager LED EUMA for Verbatim. "By combining high CRI with warm or cool colors enables users to create specific atmospheres or direct customer's attention in a specific way".

Verbatim's product portfolio for professional customers includes the recently introduced AR111 LED lamp which offers an intensity of 750 lumens in a short shape particularly suited for retrofits in retail environments. Its radiation angle of 15 degrees makes the AR111 particularly suited for accentuating lighting in retail shops. Another recent development of Verbatim - whose products are based on Mitsubishi technology - is the PAR16 GU 10 with an electric power of 7W and a light flux of 370 lumens which is designed to replace 50W halogen lamps.

Also new is a dimmable LED-based candle with 3.5W and 150 lumens. Its light temperature of 2700K creates a particularly comfy light and is ideally suited as an energy-efficient retrofit for chandeliers.

For more information visit www.verbatim.com