High current output chokes with planar technology supports electric traction applications

August 31, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
PREMO has unveiled a new version of its HPC series, a high power choke with planar technology for DC/DC converters applications for electric traction and high density power electronics, especially recommended in hybrid and electric vehicles.

The HPC series offers excellent performance (better than 95%) at 100 to 150 kHz frequencies respectively, being able to extend the operating range up to 250 kHz.

Materials used in the new development are H thermal class, which allow reaching operating temperatures up to 180°C. Flat wire coil technology used allows getting components that can drive high power density and high currents (up to 200 A) in a low-profile component (max. height 27, 5 mm), therefore minimizing losses low series resistance.

Its high stability in temperature and wide operation range, from - 40 to 125°C, make it specially suitable for industrial environments and automotive, since it enables an easy assembly on cooling surfaces through radiators (upon request).

The HPC series is available in a range of inductances of 2 to 5 µH. It is possible to customize its outputs. The standard option is threaded inserts metric 4.

The product is fully certified under the strict quality standard for automotive electronic components: AEC-Q200.

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