High density DC/DC ‘Bricks’ output 50% greater power

May 27, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Vicor has built its own ChiP (converter housed in package) products into a more integrated Brick format, thereby increasing the power it can achieve within a standard outline. The HD Brick Series provides 51% greater power density at up to 94% efficiency.

Isolated HD Bricks retain the fundamental design attributes of conventional bricks, enabling system designers to provision more power in less space than with alternative brick-based products or with Vicor’s earlier generation Maxi, Mini and Micro DC-to-DC converters. The first two standard offerings in Vicor’s HD Brick Series portfolio are a 320W HD Brick with nominal 28 Vin (16 – to 50V input range) and 28 Vout, in a 48.6 x 46.5 x 16 mm package,; and a 400W HD Brick with nominal 300Vin (180 – 420V input range) and 12 Vout, in a 57 x 46.5 x 16 mm package. These DC-DC converters are available in flange and flangeless versions, can operate in harsh environments, and support three temperature grades, including operation to -55C. They can be deployed in combination with Vicor’s ZVS Buck Regulators and VI Chip power components to power the Point of Load portion of the power system.

Using Vicor’s DCM ChiP modules, also recently released , these units share the same input ranges; in the case of the DCM products, these suited the converters to, respectively, military/COTS applications, with 28V buses; and vehicle applications (taking power from the 300V rail of an EV/HEV design).

Pricing begins at $166 each (500) for the 400W modules, and the 320W HD Bricks will be available before mid-2014, pricing starting at $142 each (500).

Vicor; www.vicorpower.com