High directivity couplers for WiFi bands

December 06, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
AVX has introduced a series of integrated thin film (ITF), high directivity, directional couplers for WiFi bands. Available in 0302, 0402, & 0603 sizes, the LGA couplers offer excellent high frequency performance across WiFi bands, 2,400-5,950 MHz

Using Land Grid Array (LGA) packaging, the 0302, 0402, and 0603 sizes all provide identical electrical performance; the 3W couplers exhibit high directivity (20 dB), low parasitics, improved heat dissipation, and self-alignment during reflow.

The couplers are rated for -40°C to +85°C and feature RoHS-compliant, 100% tin terminations that are compatible with automatic soldering technologies, including: reflow, wave soldering, vapor phase, and manual. Finished parts are 100% tested for electrical parameters.

AVX; http://avx.com/docs/Catalogs/cp0302.pdf