High-efficiency MMPAs extend connectivity time for global 3G/4G smartphones

February 21, 2013 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
TriQuint Semiconductor has announced two high-performance Multi-band, Multi-mode Power Amplifiers (MMPAs) that extend browsing time while simplifying complex RF design for today’s increasingly sophisticated wireless devices. The highly integrated MMPAs support more frequency bands in 20% less board space than discrete architectures, and have already captured design wins in leading next-generation 3G/4G smartphones.

Aligned with a leading chipset supplier’s reference design, the TRIUMF™ TQM7M9050 supports five of the world’s most popular 3G/4G bands in addition to quad-band GSM/EDGE. The high-efficiency 3G/4G power amplifier (PA) outperforms its closest competitors, achieving nearly 46% PAE. Its cousin, the TRIUMF TQP9058, is almost identical, except that it features a different approach to controlling output power for the 2G PA that is compatible with reference designs from several other major chipset manufacturers.

Both MMPAs feature a two-gain-state WCDMA PA with low and high power modes to maximize talk time over the entire range of operating conditions. Each is fully matched with a coupler and band distribution switches, ideal for today’s small data-enabled phones. At 5 x 7 mm, the modules offer an ultra-small form factor to shrink overall product footprints while reducing external component count and minimizing assembly costs.

The TRIUMF™ MMPA TQM7M9050 and TQP9058 are currently sampling into many wireless devices. See the video about simplifying RF design with MMPAs.