High-performance, Gen 3 PXIe chassis/system

June 02, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
3rd-generation technology in PXIe hardware and software promises improved data streaming for multi-channel and multi-chassis systems; Keysight Technologies adds a PXIe 18-slot chassis with 24 GB/sec system bandwidth, and up to 16 GB/sec bandwidth from an external controller.

Keysight’s Gen 3 PXIe chassis and set of Gen 3 system components has been designed for complex, high-performance applications. Doubling the system bandwidth, the new products improve data streaming for capture/playback applications, such as 5G and electronic warfare. The Gen 3 products also provide a superior platform for large multi-channel and multi-chassis PXIe test systems for applications, such as MIMO and PA/FEM, where multi-chassis configuration flexibility (star and daisy-chain) is available without using PXIe instrument slots.


The products include an 18-slot PXIe chassis with x8 Gen 3 PCIe links to each slot, a set of single and dual-port Gen 3 PXIe system modules and PC host cards, and an improved PXIe embedded controller, now capable of Gen 3 performance.


The M9019A Gen 3 PXIe 18-slot chassis provides a high-performance system platform with a number of improvements including:


- Gen 3 backplane with an x8 PCIe link to each slot and x24 (two-link) system slot

- Two front panel SMB trigger ports providing access to PXI Trig (0:7)

- One-button power control for multi-chassis power sequencing for large configurations

- New power supply with more power for PXIe modules

A series of PXIe system modules and PC host adapters designed for performance and system configuration flexibility support the new M9019A chassis. Together they provide up to 16 GB/s system bandwidth to an external PC, an industry first.


- Developed for Gen 3 PC slots, the M9048B and M9049A PC host adapters provide a connection between PC and chassis that is up to x16. Users also can configure the M9049A to provide x8 links to two chassis—either AXIe or PXIe.

- The M9022A and M9023A PXIe host modules are used to establish up to a x16 Gen 3 link to the chassis. The M9023A can be re-configured for daisy-chaining and to provide a Gen 3 x8 link between chassis.

- The M9024A PXI system modules adds I/O connectivity