High power DC solid state relays deliver load voltage ratings from 42-V to 1700-V

May 09, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Teledyne Relays has released a range of Power DC Solid State Relays with load voltage ratings from 42 V to 1700 V, with load currents ranging from 5 A to 150 A to the company's Solid-State Power Relays catalog.

Relays with ratings up to 10 A are packaged in printed circuit mountings, with all other devices being chassis mounted. Each relay incorporates the latest IGBT or MOSFET switching technology which gives ultra low on-state resistance keeping power dissipation and off-state losses to a minimum. Innovative new control circuit designs minimise control current consumption and provide fast switching to keep power transients low.

The chassis mounting relays are designed to operate continuously, using the correct heat sink in the ambient temperature range of -40 to +90°C or -25 to +90°C. The PCB mounting relays operate continuously in an ambient temperature range of -40 to +80°C or -20 to + 80°C using a heat sink where specified.

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