High resolution, cost-effective PCIe DAQ cards

May 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
Swiss company Elsys Instruments, maker of custom and standard fast, high-precision data acquisition systems, has expanded its family of LAN controlled transient recorders with a cost-effective series of high resolution PCIe data acquisition cards.

TPCE-LE PCIe data acquisition waveform digitising products are suitable where the acquisition of high speed, high resolution and high precision waveform data is required. Features include advanced trigger modes, continuous data acquisition mode, single ended and differential inputs, digital input lines and ICP coupling for powering piezo sensors. They enable the development of scalable systems that can be expanded to meet growing data acquisition needs.

TranAX-LE operating and analysis software comes with each board, as well as a LabVIEW Instrument driver, C++/C# and IVI scope class driver. As with Elsys’ existing TPCX and TPCE platforms, the TPCE-LE modules can be housed in any existing TraNET system:

TraNET FE transient recorders that hold four to 32 single-ended channels or two to 16 differential channels

TraNET EPC industrial computer frame with 16 slots for a total of 64 channels

TraNET PPC ruggedized portable computer system with six slots for a total of 24 channels

All Elsys recorders feature input channels with the ability to be individually triggered. For example, four full trigger circuits are available on a four-channel recorder to obtain logic triggering such as “AND” and “OR”.

Synchronisation can be established with many associated channels. Advanced trigger modes include slew rate, pulse width, pulse pause, period, missing event, window-in and window-out as well as the usual edge pos/neg triggering with trigger hysteresis values set by the user.

For troubleshooting applications, event controlled recording (ECR) mode, requires a trigger event, but eliminates the dead time between triggers using an overlapping technique of adjacent acquisitions.

Specifications include;

4- or 8-channel single ended and differential cards

Sampling rate of up to 240 Msamples/sec per channel

Up to 1 GB of memory (128 Msamples per channel)

High precision: 0.03% of FSR (typical)

14-bit and 16-bit vertical resolution

Very low input noise

Pricing for individual TPCE-LE modules starts at $3,400.

Elsys; www.elsys-instruments.com/products/tpce-le.php