High-speed 26.5 GHz EMI receiver for standard-compliant EMC testing

August 06, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Rohde & Schwarz has expanded its R&S ESR family by adding a model for up to 26.5 GHz. This means that high measurement speeds and comprehensive diagnostic tools are now also available for EMC certification testing in line with the FCC standard and measurements in line with military standards.

The R&S ESR26 EMI test receiver covers the frequency range from 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz. The instrument performs conducted or radiated certification measurements in line with commercial standards such as EN, CISPR and FCC as well as military standards. The North American FCC standard and the CISPR standard both specify EMI measurements up to 18 GHz.

With its broadband architecture, the R&S ESR26 performs standard-compliant disturbance measurements up to 6000 times faster than other testers. EMI measurements that took hours in the past can now be completed in just seconds.

The instrument also offers comprehensive diagnostic tools to support design engineers. The persistence mode allows users to clearly differentiate between pulse and continuous disturbances. It displays the probability of amplitudes occurring at specific frequencies using different colours, making it possible to detect disturbances that are hidden by broadband signals. The frequency mask trigger responds to specific events within a disturbance spectrum. If the mask is violated, a trigger is activated. The measurement is stopped, and the user can analyse the disturbance and its effect.

Users can verify existing results by means of a conventional stepped frequency scan and the instrument is a full-featured spectrum analyser, providing analysis tools such as IF analysis and time domain display.

With compact, robust design and low weight, a number of options make the ESR26 ideal for field use. These include a DC power supply with rechargeable battery pack, a solid state drive (SSD) and an optional ruggedised housing. Using its clearly-structured touchscreen complex measurements and automated test sequences are easy to configure; EMC32 software can be used to remotely control the ESR26 and integrate it into complex EMC test systems for automated measurement sequences.

Rohde & Schwarz; www.rohde-schwarz.com