High-speed CAN transceivers for industrial and automotive designs

November 26, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
A series of rugged devices features ultra-low quiescent current and is engineered to address stringent electromagnetic compatibility requirements without external noise filtering

Freescale has announced a family of robust CAN transceivers designed for high-speed performance and reliability, and to assist achieving compliance with increasingly stringent industrial and automotive safety requirements. The MC33901 and MC34901 chokeless CAN high-speed physical layer transceivers deliver EMC performance and high ESD tolerance without the need for external components. The devices also offer fail-safe features to assist with system functional safety, as well as low quiescent current down to 8 µA.

The MC33901 and MC34901 products convert digital protocol information into analogue CAN communication across in-vehicle networks, as well as long-length CAN node interconnect for industrial applications. The devices are suitable for a broad range of applications including safety-critical industrial motor control, factory automation and industrial robotics systems, as well as automotive body electronics, power train and infotainment systems. Both products offer performance at 2 Mbps baud rate to address CAN FD (flexible data) application requirements.

The devices exceed stringent EMC and ESD requirements without added choke (±6 kV ESD, >36 Bm DPI); they have a low-emission design combined with high immunity for optimum EMC performance; they have 5V and 3.3V I/O compatibility with auto-detect; and feature industry-specific product options:

- Automotive: Built-in “Tx Dominant Timeout” feature (MC33901)

- Industrial: Built-in support for long-length and low baud rate networks (MC34901)

Support includes a small form-factor evaluation board (picture), as well as OEM certification reports from external laboratories to facilitate design selection.

Freescale; www.freescale.com/MC34901