High-speed, high-power motor driver ICs

August 22, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
2-channel DC brush motor IC and stepper motor drivers save space and improve reliability in applications such as industrial automation, CNC machines, ATMs and banknote counters.

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced high-speed motor driver ICs that support high voltages and currents. The TB67H400A 2-channel DC brush motor driver and the TB67S10xA series of stepper motor drivers have a maximum 50V rating and a low on resistance of 0.5Ω (maximum, sum of the upper and lower side).

TB67H400A is a 2-channel motor driver IC for brush motors that supports a maximum output current of 4.0A per channel for a 2-channel drive. A parallel channel control function also allows the device to operate as a single-channel driver delivering 8.0A. It is available in four different package types. Small packages, such as the QFN48 and HTSSOP48 can be used for system downsizing, while continuous operation at high current is addressed by using a high-power dissipation package such as HZIP25. The HSOP package allows flow soldering on a paper phenolic board, which helps to reduce the cost of printed circuit board development.

The TB67S10xA series of stepping motor driver ICs offers low heat-generation at high voltage and high current, for designs where space is at a premium. Fabricated using a high-voltage analogue process, the TB67S10xA series incorporates Toshiba's Advanced Dynamic Mixed Decay motor control technology, which automatically optimises the drive current, improving switching speed and contributing to lower heat generation and higher drive efficiency.

Built-in abnormality detection functions such as thermal shutdown circuitry, overcurrent shut down circuitry and undervoltage lockout circuits protect the TB67H400A, while built-in abnormality detection flags protect the TB67S109A.

The TB67S10xA range is available in both QFN48 and HTSSOP48 packages. Both the TB67S101A and the TB67S102A offer a choice of 2 phase, 1-2-phase, W1-2-phase, phase excitation modes; while the TB67S109A offers a choice of 2 phase, 1-2 phase, W1-2 phase, 2W1-2 phase, 4W1-2 phase and 8W1-2 phase excitation modes.

Toshiba; www.toshiba-components.com