High-speed /high-resolution CMOS image sensor for machine vision

March 03, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
CMOSIS, European supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors, has announced the CMV8000, a high-speed 8 MP/105 fps image sensor. CMV8000 is a global-shutter CMOS image sensor addressing the demanding markets of machine vision, traffic ITS, microscopy, security and surveillance, and medical applications.

The CMV8000 is a 4/3” / 8-MP sensor with 3360 x 2496 5.5-µm sized active pixels using the patented 8T pixel architecture to offer low noise and excellent global shuttering. Row- and column-oriented optical black pixels are implemented to support additional noise cancellation techniques. From an electro-optical point-of-view the CMV8000 offers the same performance as the CMV2000 and CMV4000 image sensors. It is designed to be system-compatible with CMV2000 and CMV4000 to facilitate the migration from CMV2000 and CMV4000 camera designs to this higher resolution image sensor. The frame rate of 105 full frames per second is achieved by using 16 LVDS outputs running at 600 Mbit/sec each. Lower frame rates can be supported by multiplexing to fewer output channels. Partial read out, windowing and sub-sample modes can be programmed to support higher frame rates. At full resolution and frame rate, the power dissipation is 900 mW. This power consumption can be dynamically controlled when lower frame rates are used.

Both monochrome and RGB coloured versions of the CMV8000 image sensor will be made available. It is housed in a ceramic 107-pin uPGA package and can be operated in the -30 to +70 ºC temperature range.

CMOSIS; www.cmosis.com