High-speed IGBT power switch modules

October 22, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Vincotech's latest H-bridge modules, the upgraded flowPACK 1 H types, have been developed for high-frequency solar inverter, power supply and welding applications ranging up to around 17 kW.

These flowPACK 1 H modules feature high-speed IGBT H3s rated up to 650V, and ultra-fast freewheeling diodes to maximise efficiency and performance.

They are able to achieve an efficiency up to 98.9% around 2 kW. Two types, 10-FY064PA050SG10-M582F08 and 10-FY064PA075SG-M583F08, are rated at 600V/50A and 650V/75A respectively. They occupy a low-inductive, 12-mm flow 1 housing with solder pins. Press-fit pins are available on demand.

Vincotech (a Mitsubishi Electric company); www.vincotech.com/en/products/power/products-by-topology.php