High speed magnetic rotary position sensor provides 14-bit on-axis readout

June 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
This magnetic rotary position sensor also delivers a 12-bit binary incremental pulse count; the AS5147P is a high-resolution rotary position sensor for high speed (up to 28 krpm) angle measurement over a full 360 degree range.

The position sensor is equipped with ams’ integrated dynamic angle error compensation (DAEC) with almost 0 latency. The robust design of the device suppresses the influence of any homogenous external stray magnetic field. A standard 4-wire SPI serial interface allows a host microcontroller to read 14-bit absolute angle position data from the AS5147P and to program non-volatile settings without a dedicated programmer.

Incremental movements are indicated on a set of ABI signals with a maximum resolution of 4096 steps / 1024 pulses per revolution. The product is defined as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) according ISO26262 including FMEDA, safety manual and third party qualification.

Its key features are; DAEC Dynamic angle error compensation; immune to external stray magnetic field; 14-bit core resolution; maximum speed up to 28.000 rpm; developed per ISO 26262 SeooC. It eliminates angle measurement lag at high RPMs; lowers system costs (no shielding); offers high resolution for motor & position control; no programmer is needed (via SPI command) and it enables ASIL-x system safety level compliance.

ams; www.ams.com