High-temperature, 225°C general purpose 80V / 3A dual diode

May 29, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Cissoid, high-temperature semiconductor specialist, has introduced the CHT-Amalthea, a medium power, general purpose, dual diode in a hermetically sealed metal can TO-257 package. This new device is guaranteed for operation from -55°C up to +225°C.

CHT-Amalthea includes two diodes and is available in three possible configurations: common anode, common cathode and dual series configurations. Each diode has a reverse voltage of 80V, a maximum forward current of A DC and 4 A peak at 225°C, making them suitable for a number of power applications. The metal, TO257 package is isolated from the pins, facilitating the mechanical assembling of the systems. This dual diode is a general purpose, discrete component that can be used in a variety of medium power applications, including rectification, free-wheeling, clamping and sensing, among others.

CHT-Amalthea diodes present a junction capacitance of 36pF and 56pF at 20V and 80V reverse voltages respectively. A rectifier bridge can easily be implemented by using two packages. Each diode has a forward voltage of 1.53V typ. at 225°C (and at 2A forward current) and presents a very low leakage current of 15µA at 80V reverse voltage and at 225°C. Pricing starts at €134.19 (51 to 200).

Cissoid, www.cissoid.com/images/stories/pdf/Datasheets/cht-amalthea.pdf