High temperature, extended lifetime Clock Generator IC

September 24, 2013 // By Graham Prophet
Cissoid, specialist provider of high-temperature and extended lifetime semiconductor solutions, has introduced CHT-CG50LP, a clock generator suitable for building clock modules and frequency-based transducers for the industrial market as well as for high-reliability applications in the Oil & Gas, aerospace and defence markets.

Using an external crystal, the circuit operates over -55°C to +225°C with supply voltages between 3.0V and 5.0V, producing up to 50MHz frequency. Its robustness guarantees the oscillator will always start-up, no matter what the conditions are. The circuit also supports 32 kHz crystals for real-time clock generation needs.

This product is the second generation of Cissoid’s clock generators, with additional features, reduced current consumption and lower pin count. The CHT-CG50LP IC features a built-in frequency divider selectable from 1 to 512, an enable/disable control signal and an external clock input. The output driver capability is programmable (8/16 mA) as well as the crystal driver strength.

An objective was to offer a reduced pin count and a default configuration with very few wire-bond connections in view of shrinking clock module implementations: with only eight connected pins in its minimal configuration, CHT-CG50LP also offers 40% reduction in current consumption.

Cissoid; www.cissoid.com