High-temperature-rated flexible circuit material for aerospace and automotive

February 19, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials (DuPont) has announced its Pyralux high temperature (HT) flexible circuit material system. Pyralux HT has an service temperature of 225º Celsius, the highest of any flexible circuit material system available today.

The Pyralux HT service temperature enables designers to use flexible circuits for the first time in high-temperature environments such as aerospace and automotive engines, brakes and transmissions, and downhole pumps for oil and gas drilling.

Pyralux HT bonding film is part of the HT flexible laminate system that has the highest service temperature of any flexible circuit material system available today.

“The Pyralux HT system opens new doors for the use of flexible circuits,” said Mark T. Dirks, global segment leader, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials. “Designers concerned about high temperatures in demanding environments now have an innovative new material that can withstand heat and has the reliability they know they can expect from DuPont materials.”

The all-polyimide Pyralux HT flexible circuit material system has a service temperature of 225º Celsius (437º Fahrenheit), the highest of any flexible circuit material system. The system includes a double-sided copper-clad laminate and a unique all-polyimide bonding film that becomes a flexible coverlay after processing. Offered in a full range of dielectric thicknesses, the Pyralux HT system provides designers, fabricators and assemblers a versatile option for a wide variety of flexible circuit constructions.

DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials offers a broad and growing portfolio of products including dry film photoresists and phototooling films for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) imaging, polyimide films, flexible circuit materials, embedded passive materials and thermal substrates for LED lighting.

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