High-temperature rechargeables for memory and systems backup

June 12, 2014 // By Graham Prophet
High-temperature rechargeables for memory and systems backup

Available from distributor Ismosys, these lithium rechargeable batteries tolerate much higher operating temperatures than conventional rechargeable batteries. While the maximum operating temperature for conventional rechargeable lithium batteries is 60ºC, SII has applied its sealing technology to increase the operating temperature of the new MS920T coin-cell Lithium rechargeable battery up to 85ºC. Additional features include good over-discharge characteristics; they retain their characteristics even after being over-discharged to 0V: and long cycle life, as they can be charged and discharged more than 100 times with 100% depth of discharge (3.1V to 2.0V).

Specifications include; nominal voltage 3V; nominal capacity 6.4 mAh; internal impedance 60Ω; dimensions of diameter 9.5mm, height 2.0mm; and weight 0.45g. The lower operating temeperature limit is -20º C.

Use them in security and dashboard cameras, thermostats, GPS, and as a power backup for real time clock and memory.

Ismosys; www.ismosys.com