High voltage power supply range is extended to address most demanding applications

September 04, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Glassman High Voltage is unveiling a broad range of power supply solutions which are suitable for the most demanding applications. 

Glassman's FJ Series of 120 W regulated high voltage DC power supplies offer laboratory performance for rack mounting, and have a slim 1.75 inch panel height.  The series has embedded microcontroller control, with front panel digital encoders that provide high-resolution local adjustment of voltage and current programmes.  

INTEGRAL RS232, USB and optional Ethernet communications enable remote control program and monitor capabilities. Further features of the FJ series are arc quench, arc count and selectable current trip / constant current mode control.  

The company's FR Series of 300 W Regulated High Voltage DC power supplies is also rack mountable with a 1.75 inch panel height and offers the same features as the FJ series with greater power output. Both the FR and FJ series are air insulated – no oil or solid encapsulation is used, which helps reduce the weight of these units and allows full serviceability.

Glassman's MQ Series is a family of sophisticated, medium power, high voltage power supplies packaged as a space-saving module with no front panel displays.  The MQ series gives value for money with no compromise on performance or operating features.  The MQ Series 300 W Regulated High Voltage C modules (1 kV to 60 kV) suit a wide range of demanding applications.
Glassman’s EJ series is a 600 W regulated high voltage DC power supply that can be rack mounted.  Panel height is 3.5in.  The EJ series features flexible embedded controls with low ripple and noise, combined with fast response times.  Arc discharge currents are low.

All Glassman standard power supplies are warranted for three years.  OEM and modified products carry a one-year warranty.

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