Highest Q 01005 MLC capacitor for UHF band applications

April 02, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
AVX’ highest Q 01005 MLCC for ultra high frequency (UHF) band applications (300 MHz–3 GHz) are the CU Series ultralow ESR C0G (NP0) MLCCs.

The CU10 01005 MLCC exhibits typical Q values of 290 at 1 GHz for a 4 pF capacitance, which suits it for reducing power consumption and improving battery efficiency in the high frequency power amplifier circuits within multifunctional and multiband RF communication devices, including: smartphones, tablets, handheld scanners, camera sensor modules, and telecommunications equipment.

These MLCCs feature low-resistance internal copper electrodes and interior structures that have been carefully optimised to reduce resistance. The series also exhibits highly accurate and evenly distributed capacitances spanning 0.5 pF to 22 pF, which, combined with the series’ ESR, effectively mitigates impedance mismatching between circuits and subsequently preserves both power and battery life.

“[These] subminiature CU10 MLCCs allow RF design engineers to achieve a meaningful reduction in the power consumption of ultra high frequency circuits, which subsequently improves battery efficiency,” said Kazushige Takamori, Marketing Manager at AVX.

The 01005 CU10 ultralow ESR MLCCs are available in 16V ratings for use in temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C.

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