Highly-Integrated front end module supports smart metering/smart energy and ISM band applications

November 14, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
RF Micro Devices, Inc. has released the RFFM6903 front end module (FEM) which meets or exceeds the system requirements for AMI/AMR smart meter applications operating in the 868 MHz–960 MHz frequency band.

The FEM supports multiple applications, including Smart Energy/advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), portable battery-powered equipment, and general 868/915 MHz ISM band systems.

The feature-rich RFFM6903 integrates a +30.5 dBm power amplifier (PA) with a Tx harmonic output filter in the transmit path, a Tx path bypass mode with harmonic filter, and a low-noise amplifier (LNA) with bypass mode in the receive path and is packaged in a 6 mm x 6 mm x 1 mm laminate package. The RFMD RFFM6903 also includes a low insertion loss, high isolation, single-pole three-throw (SP3T) switch and separate Rx/Tx 50 ohm ports that simplify matching and provide input and output signals for both the Tx and Rx paths. In the receive path, the Rx chain provides 16 dB of typical gain with only 5mA of current and an excellent noise figure of 1.7 dB.


The RFFM6903 is available for sampling and mass production.

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