Highly integrated MIPS dual core SoC for power-efficient affordable devices

January 07, 2013 // By Nick Flaherty
Chinese SoC designer Ingenic Semiconductor has launched a highly integrated dual core MIPS-based SoC with PowerVR graphics in a new 10” Android 4.1 tablet reference design for CES this week.

The 1.3GHz JZ4780 SoC uses Ingenic’s MIPS-based XBurst processor, with an innovative high-performance and ultra-low power pipelining architecture that consumes approximately 140mW per GHz under full load. At approximately 30mm2 die size in 40nm, the JZ4780 provides a low-cost solution for consumer electronics products.
The SoC features a video processing unit (VPU) powered by a second XBurst processing engine for advanced 1080p HD video performance and includes HDMI, LVDS, audio codec, GPS baseband, and other analog/application blocks and rich interconnect interfaces plus PowerVR SGX Series5 graphics IP from UK supplier Imagination Technologies.
At CES, MIPS and Ingenic will showcase the JZ4780 SoC in a new 10” tablet reference design developed by Ingenic. Ingenic will also demonstrate a version of the tablet that includes embedded LTE functionality from Altair Semiconductor, with Altair’s MIPS-Based FourGee chipset.
“Combining the elegance of the MIPS architecture with Ingenic’s processor design expertise, we were able to create a device that sets a new performance point for cost- and power-efficient consumer product SoCs,” said Qiang Liu, chairman and CEO, Ingenic Semiconductor. “We have seen significant adoption of the previous generation JZ4770 SoC, and our customers are excited to tap the performance and functionality of this new SoC for their next generation tablets and other consumer electronics products.”
“We are pleased that the new MIPS-Based SoC from Ingenic leverages Imagination’s advanced graphics IP to enable an engaging experience on tablets and other consumer devices. With the high level of integration and ultra-low power consumption of this new SoC, Ingenic is demonstrating its ability to become a true contender in the mobile arena,” said Tony King-Smith, vice president of marketing, Imagination Technologies.
“Earlier this year, Karbonn Mobiles brought to market the world’s lowest-cost Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ tablet based on the previous generation MIPS-Based SoC from Ingenic. With its unmatched combination of high performance and ultra-low power consumption, we were able to create two generations of Karbonn Smart Tab