Highly parallel handling solution can test ASICS, sensors in strips, but also singulated devices

April 12, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Designer and manufacturer of final test handlers, Multitest has announced that its InStrip test handler now provides a high parallel test handling solution, not only for ASICS and sensors in strips, but also for the test of singulated devices.

This is accomplished with the InCarrier concept. The InStrip test handler is designed for high parallel tri-temp test of devices in substrate strips or lead frames over a complete temperature range. The modular and scalable concept of the InStrip supports different customer requirements to ensure a good return on investment. The same platform can be extended to test and calibrate MEMS devices in strip form by incorporating an optional MEMS test module. These sensor application-specific InMEMS test modules can be converted for various package types. The MEMS sensors are stimulated during test and contacted row-by-row with an integrated indexing mechanism supporting high parallel testing.

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