HMI/TFT panel development kit based on Renesas’ RX MCUs

November 04, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Renesas Electronics Europe’s RX71M Revelation Kit has been put together to simplify TFT display implementation and reduce BOM cost.

The RX71M revelation kit is based on Renesas’ scalable 32-bit RX71M Group of microcontrollers , which provides up to 4-MB on-chip flash memory, 552-kB on-chip RAM and clock of 240 MHz. The kit also comes with a “Get Started” book and a hands-on guide to create graphical user interfaces.


Graphical TFT displays, Renesas says, usually involve the use of a graphics controller, which can be both time-consuming and expensive to implement. The RX71M revelation kit is presented as a cost-effective solution kit that enables system designers to create cost-effective and efficient TFT control using the embedded RAM of the RX71M – and no external memory modules. As that there is no requirement for external memory to serve as a video buffer, the revelation kit simplifies the design process and reduces the system BOM cost. RX71M MCUs achieve 4.35 CoreMark/MHz at 240 MHz which makes the MCU suitable for use in a variety of applications requiring high performance.


The performance of the RX71M and embedded 552 kB RAM supports QVGA resolution for the TFT (320 x 240) with up to 16-bit colours per pixel. The CPU of the RX71M only requires about 5% power to display an image, leaving ample resources for other application functions, such as connectivity. The TFT control concept is documented in detail and can be downloaded from


To complement the kit, Renesas has published an instruction book together with the German publisher Franzis Verlag that enables users to get started right away. The RX71M revelation kit and “Get started Book” are now available via Renesas Sales channels or at the Renesas booth in hall A6/342 during electronica 2016, for around €60.


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