How well do you understand S-parameters? - A short course in Stockholm

July 01, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The Danish training company EE-Training has arranged for signal integrity expert Eric Bogatin to teach a course on S-parameters – in Stockholm, in September 2015 – for the first time in several years.

Eric Bogatin is the author of the book Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified . Today he runs the Teledyne LeCroy Signal Integrity Academy and is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado – Boulder. And, is a long term contributor to the pages of EDN.

After an interlude of several years when Eric has not presented public training courses, he has decided to present a limited number of live workshops exploring practical aspects of Signal Integrity Design, Measurement and Analysis: the motto is, “The most effective way of really learning signal integrity is by doing”.

The first such course is “Practical S-parameter Measurement and Analysis” in which Eric focuses on demonstrating the practical applications of the principles and tools to get you to the right answer faster. The Stockholm event is the second running of the course in the Nordic Region: in June, Eric presented it in Copenhagen, Denmark. On 14-15 September 2015, Eric will aim to help a further group of engineers, “join the 1% who really understand how to use S-Parameters to solve day to day design problems.”

“S-Parameters have become the defacto standard to characterise the electrical properties of interconnects, yet 99% of engineers really have no clue what they mean,” as Eric Bogatin explains. Eric is a leading proponent of teaching S-Parameters as an integral part of signal integrity.

The course will give the participants a jump start with the skills to see all the hidden secrets locked within the S-parameter information. Eric Bogatin strips away the complicated math to reveal the essential principles. It’s like opening the lid to the black box and exploring how to data mine the wealth of information you will find within. While traditionally, S-parameters are about how sine waves interact with an interconnect, this basic formalism is expanded to include the time domain and both single-ended and differential interconnects as well as from measurements and simulations. Also covered