HV ceramic caps with arc protection, in smaller outlines

October 07, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
Kemet says it has the smallest high voltage surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) with internal arc protection. The EIA 0603 case size has been added to its High Voltage ArcShield product portfolio with voltage ratings up to 1 kV.

High voltage capacitors are typically limited by size due to arcing concerns. Kemet’s ArcShield technology is designed to suppress arc-over events, while allowing for the smallest available footprint and highest capacitance values.

“ArcShield is unique in that it provides permanent internal protection that prevents arcing in both coated and uncoated printed circuit board assemblies,” said Dr. John Bultitude, Kemet Vice President and Technical Fellow. “Most competitive technologies cannot prevent arcing within the capacitors’ voltage rating and require an external coating, which can be damaged during handling. ArcShield technology prevents arcing without the need of a surface coating. It also allows for the realization of smaller case size devices with exceptional lightning strike performance.”

The High Voltage MLCCs are suitable for applications including high voltage coupling, DC blocking, snubber circuits in power supplies and high voltage noise reduction circuits. Available with flexible termination technology, ArcShield is offered in both commercial and automotive grades.

Kemet; www.kemet.com/arcshield