Hyper-fast rectifier: 600V, 8A for power-factor correction

August 12, 2015 // By Graham Prophet
The DSR8F600 600V 8A hyper-fast rectifier has been designed specifically for use as a boost diode for power-factor correction (PFC) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) applications, in switched-mode power supplies that deliver a high output, greater than 75W.

Targeted end-equipment types include flat-panel TVs, servers and telecoms systems, where new regulatory standards in Europe, the USA, Japan and China require improved energy efficiency. A hyper-fast 20-nsec reverse-recovery time reduces PFC MOSFET switching losses, increases switching speed and improves energy efficiency, while a very fast soft recovery capability ensures ringing and EMI interference are reduced. Boost diode recovery losses are minimised by 3.9A reverse-recovery current, which also reduces power dissipation in the MOSFET and lowers the risk of system failure. A low, 1.95V, forward voltage drop also minimises boost diode conduction losses.

Aimed at designers of PFC circuits who need to achieve the lowest possible energy losses, the DSR8F600 optimises performance, generating the least noise and achieving the highest power efficiency. The DSR8F600 is the first of a family of hyper-fast rectifiers; future introductions will provide higher voltages and currents.

Supplied in a TO220AC package, the DSR8F600 hyper-fast rectifier is priced from $0.39 (1000).

Diodes Inc; www.diodes.com